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A new Chapter in Life - new Challenges

Studying is perceived to be the best time in one’s life. And there are plenty of good reasons for that:

You will enjoy your newly gained freedom and meet many new and interesting people. You might move into your first own apartment. For the first time in your life you will be independent of your parents and can shape your life and your field of study according to your own interest. Within this new chapter in life – with all its new and exciting aspects – you may also face challenges. You have to overcome these challenges to ensure that your studies will be and remain the best time in your life.

… also and especially during your studies.

At the beginning of your studies you will have many life-changing experiences. Not only from an academic point of view.

  • You feel like you could make better use of your skills?
  • You have starting difficulties at your university?
  • You have difficulties preparing for your exams?
  • You are unhappy with your studies?
  • You have personal problems interfering with your studies?

Don’t let small problems become big ones.

Among other things we offer you:

  • Analysis of your individual study and life situation
  • Solution-oriented counselling for current problems or difficulties.

You can find help using the following link:

Student Service / Advisory Service (


  • in clarifying personal strengths and abilities,
  • with the training of learning and working techniques (e.g. preparation for presentations, exams),
  • with time management and stress management

can be found using the following links:

Studentisches Leben (Student Life)

Trainerpool (Trainerpool)

Sprachenzentrum (Language Centre)

Hochschulsport (University Sports)

Mathefit (MatheFit” – Maths courses)

Service Familie (Service Family)

A video created for you by your fellow students.

Your new freedom demands a high degree of self-organisation and discipline in order to successfully complete your studies. The fact that you can organise your work and study schedule relatively freely is both a blessing and a curse.

The temptation to delay important tasks until the last minute rises. This often leads to:

•    Panic
•    Extreme time pressure
•    Personal overload
•    Stress
•    Unsatisfying exam results etc.

You can find help here: Advisory Service (under: Support). We offer counselling sessions and the monitoring of your study progress.


There are many student initiatives, associations and campus groups within the university and the Darmstadt Business School. These cover various areas of interest so there should be a group for everyone  – whether it’s in a social, international, cultural or technical area.

The website of the Studierendenwerk Darmstadt provides a good overview of all campus groups: To participate in these groups it is usually not important at which university you are studying – students from both universities in Darmstadt are welcome. Just visit the website and see if something attracts your attention.

At h_da and the Darmstadt Business School there are many opportunities to volunteer. These activities are evaluated with so called Social Points, which will be certified at the end of your studies.

These include work in the:

Fachbereichsrat (Department Council)
Fachschaftsrat (Student Representatives Council)
Studentischen Studienberatung (Student Advisory Service)

For more information please visit Social Points at FBW.


Around 17 percent of your fellow students are not from Germany but from different countries all over the world. This is a real asset to campus life.

Take this as an opportunity to learn more about the world. There are many events – currently online only of course – that offer an easy way for everyone to gain intercultural experience. Find out more at:

Have you ever thought about spending part of your h_da studies abroad? Whether you are interested in studying or doing an internship or placement abroad, the International Office of h_da has a lot of information on this subject. Please visit:

The Disability Representation Board represents the interests of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your studies that specifically concern your situation please contact us. We offer counselling services for students with known disabilities and / or impairments that are not apparent at first sight. We are happy to help with:

  • the organisation of your studies
  • questions about the compensation for disadvantages in exams / assessment centres
  • interruption of your studies due to illness
  • and other topics.

For further information please visit:

Studieren mit Behinderung (Studying with disabilities)

More than half of all students have to work to finance their studies. To cover the high rent in Darmstadt, the cost of living and educational learning material students often work between ten and twenty hours a week.

But not every situation in life can solved with financial support. It's always good to have experts by your side.

The Caritasverband Darmstadt e.V. issues vouchers for students for all counselling services offered by the association. These include general life counselling, debt counselling, addiction or pregnancy counselling or support in mental crisis. More Information can be found here:

Verein zur Förderung in Not geratener Studierender an der Hochschule Darmstadt e.V.
(Association for the Support of Students in Need at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences).



After graduation it's time to say goodbye to your life as a student, to your friends and perhaps to Darmstadt – but it doesn't necessarily mean goodbye to the h_da.

Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences has its own department that will help you with enquiries and provide relevant contacts. You will also receive an invitation to our annual alumni network meetings.

Register and stay in touch at

alumni h-da

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