Controlling and Finance

The program

The major in Controlling and Finance builds wide-ranging skills and competencies in the area of controlling and financial management as well as at the interfaces between the two.  Students engage in a detailed exploration of issues related to planning and control, cost accounting and the management of companies using key performance indicators, among other areas. With the help of case studies, exercises, Excel tools and project assignments, students gain the knowledge and skills they need to apply controlling instruments to handling common problems/challenges in the area of controlling, and to understand the main applications in real-world practice. Students also learn about controlling as it applies to corporate structures; controlling tools are linked to financial management tools to meet the special requirements of controlling in international corporations. The focus on financial management deepens students’ understanding of finance and builds new knowledge of financial markets and special financial instruments such as options and futures. Current issues are addressed, critically discussed and practical/hands-on solutions developed.


Career opportunities

With the majorin Controlling and Finance, graduates are well-equipped to take on the challenges of controlling and finance in a business setting. For students aspiring to become controllers, a combination with the concentration “External Accounting / Taxes” is recommended. Depending on the degree of complexity of the desired area of work in controlling and finance, a Master’s degree may be advisable to further build knowledge/skills, for example in modelling, corporate accounting or business valuation.

Because controlling is a cross-disciplinary function that touches on all areas of a business, students pursuing concentrations and career opportunities in areas such as marketing or logistics can also benefit greatly from a deeper understanding of controlling. Not only do these areas involve special controlling tasks, such as sales controlling or logistics controlling, but knowledge of controlling also helps in managing one’s own tasks more efficiently and effectively.

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