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The program

Today every operational process is powered by information. What is the key to managing this information successfully? What information management methods are available today? What applications are available for generating, processing, rendering, transferring and saving this information? And how do these applications function in a business environment? These are some of the key questions addressed by students pursuing a major in Information Management.

Because technological change and progress is non-stop in today’s world, the importance of Information Technology (IT) will

continue to grow across all industries. All jobs today involve IT to some extent, and the digitalization of products and services will continue to grow as well. The goal of the Information Management (IM) program is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to collaborate successfully with fellow IT specialists and/or handle typical business information systems issues in areas such as requirements management (RM), data and process modelling, data management and analysis, applications procurement and customization, and IT-strategy development.  

IM students also gain practical experience with the use of standard business software systems, such as SAP, and business process modelling tools, such as Visio/ARIS.

Career opportunities

The goal of the Information Management program is not to teach computer science but to give students the knowledge and skills they need to understand and manage interfaces through practical, hands-on assignments and projects. This is what is needed to successfully design, develop and operate the kinds of applications systems used today in all areas of business/organizational operations. Moreover, demand for these skills will continue to increase as digitalization – and the interconnectedness of systems and organizations – continues to grow. As a result, IM program graduates will find employment opportunities in number of different areas, including classical IT, consulting or for software companies with a business focus (such as SAP AG or Software AG).

With a major in Information Management, graduates have the option of continuing their studies in the Master's program, which provides a more in-depth treatment of the material, but can also apply their new skills right away in companies of all sizes in all industries. And due to the pervasiveness of IT today, the knowledge and skills gained in the Information Management program are compatible with all other areas of further study.

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