International Economics and Management


Within the programme "Business Administration B.Sc" Darmstadt Business School offers a major in "International Economics and Management" in English language.

This major aims at

  • Students from abroad (Exchange Students) who would like to study in Germany
  • Darmstadt Business School students with strong interest in International Economics and Management
  • Darmstadt Business School students who would like to prepare for a stay abroad either for studies or for an internship.

Job perspectives: Lay the International Foundations

The major "International Economics and Management" at Darmstadt Business School adds the international angle for a successful career path in a multinational company

This major offers a good understanding of managerial fundamentals in a multinational company by training in key competencies and providing insights into a multicultural work environment. Combinded with a study stay abroad it opens up countless professional possibilities to work internationally and may serve as the basis for a subsequent Master degree program.

Module / Courses

International Business Research Methods ( Prof. Dr. Engelstätter)

Students will learn to conduct meaningful data analyses and how to write a research paper by analyzing recent data sets hands-on. These data sets originate from different business environments like, e.g., digital market data or firm surveys. This course is optional for regular Darmstadt Business School students (Wahlpflichtfach).

Management and Organization / Leadership (Dr. Vieth)

This course gives students an understanding of the interdependencies between organization, management and leadership and how these contribute to companies' success. Furthermore it prepares them to deal with challenges in the future like globalization, information technology, environmental and social risks. They learn more about appropriate methods and concepts and their application. This course is mandatory for regular Darmstadt Business School students.

European Economics and Politics (Prof. Dr. Klüh)

This course provides students with a theoretical grounding and an introduction into the main policymaking areas of European integration. In the latter part of the course students will also learn the origins and evolution of the European monetary and fiscal integration process and conclude with a discussion of the current state of the European Union, its economic foundations and challenges. This course is mandatory for regular Darmstadt Business School students.

Project Course

From summer term 2016 an additional project course will be offered where students will be able to combine their theoretical knowledge gained in the „International Economics and Management“ major with current practical topics with a high relevance to internationalization of companies and integration of the European Union. The project course will be structured as team work with teamwork assignments and a minimum of five participants - 5 Credit Points will be earned by attending the project course successfully.

Information for prospective Exchange Students

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A comprehensive overview of the "International Economics and Management" major, some useful information about Dieburg and a selection of leisure activities can be found in our Fact Sheet.


Organizational information for prospective exchange students on term dates, deadlines, application procedures, accommodation and language courses can be found here 

Costs: it is relatively inexpensive to study at Darmstadt Business School,  typical monthly costs as an Exchange Student are detailed in our leaflet.

Further information for Exchange Students on organizational matters can be found at our international office website or contact our international office team directly, they will be more than happy to help.

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