The program

Students majoring in Marketing will cover a range of interesting, real-world relevant topics in the area of marketing. The lecture “International Marketing” covers international topics, the “Marketing Management” lecture focuses on the management process, and “Sales Marketing” addresses sales-specific as well as legal topics.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program are qualified to take on a diverse range of responsibilities in marketing, market research and sales. The program also provdes the basis for pursuing a Master’s degree in marketing.

For general enquiries

Prof. Dr. Marius Dannenberg

: F15,14
Marius Dannenberg

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hahn

: F15,104A
Bernhard Hahn

Prof. Dr. Matthias Neu

: F15,107a
Matthias Neu

Dr. Gerald Reckert

: F15,111a
Gerald Reckert

Prof. Dr. Shyda Valizade-Funder

: F15,120
Shyda Valizade-Funder