The program

The major in Nonprofit Management prepares graduates to take on management and leadership tasks. This includes tasks in nonprofit and public sectors. In addition, there are many companies in the private sector in which business activities are not primarily profit-oriented. Many decision-makers in organizations are increasingly dealing with the question of what social expectations modern organizations should follow. Topics such as sustainability and sustainable developments, public value, corporate citizenship and even public welfare orientation play an important role.

The professional spectrum ranges from operational roles (e.g. service and production processes, marketing and customer support), financially oriented roles (budgeting and accounting, financing) to communication positions (information management, process management) and control functions (e.g. controlling, human resource management, investment management, project management) to strategic positions.

The core program consists of three compulsory courses:

  • Strategy and Management of Public Value Creation,
  • Organization and Management of Public Value Creation
  • Sustainable Development

The course Sustainable Development can be completed either by attending the corresponding course at the Department of Social Sciences or by attending a series of events agreed upon in advance (e.g. the research seminar of the Center for Sustainable Economic and Corporate Policy (ZNWU) or conferences at the Schader-Stiftung).

Useful additions to this major include the courses "International Economics and Management" or "Economic Research Methods" from catalog of compulsory-choice modules. It is also possible to consider courses offered by other departments, where students are explicitly welcomed (after consultation with the head of the major).


Core Curriculum

  • Nonprofit Management

Advanced Studies

  • Strategy and Management of Public Value Creation
  • Organization and Management of Public Value Creation
  • Sustainable Development


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