Financial Leadership

The program

Large international corporations usually establish an executive board for Finance, which is led by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The modules within the major in Financial Leadership cover important spheres of activity within this area of responsibility. You will acquire knowledge and skills in shareholder value management and business valuation. You will learn how to consolidate financial information from a company’s subsidiaries into a single financial statement, how to analyze and interpret such statements, and how to prepare financial statements for specific purposes. You will acquire knowledge in international tax law and learn financial auditing techniques, which can be applied to both external accounting audits as well as internal audits.

Career opportunities

The knowledge and skills acquired as part of the major in Financial Leadership within the M.Sc. program in Business Administration will qualify you for positions in accounting, finance or executive departments within international corporations. This knowledge and these skills will also enable you to master complex tasks and responsibilities in the area of controlling. In addition, your knowledge/skills will be in demand among specialist service providers such as tax accountants/advisors or accounting firms.

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