Energy Management M.Sc.

Broad-based knowledge is a prerequisite for anyone interested in taking on management-level responsibility in today’s multifaceted energy market. Darmstadt Business School’s Master of Science (M. Sc.) in Energy Management, which is unique throughout German-speaking Europe, conveys the necessary knowledge while emphasizing practical application. The program focuses primarily on energy management, energy market structures, risk management and smart technical solutions for the energy market. The Master of Science is a consecutive, full-time program over three or four semesters depending on the previous undergraduate degree.  

Another unique feature of the M.Sc. program is the collaboration with the Master’s program “Risk Assessment and Sustainability Management”. This cooperation opens numerous opportunities in the areas of risk analysis and sustainable development, and facilitates interdisciplinary exchange with students from a range of different fields.

Career opportunities

Successful completion of the Energy Management M.Sc. opens the door to a range of exciting job opportunities, including management-level positions in the following areas:

  • Energy procurement in the gas and electric-power industriesu
  • Project management in the energy industry
  • Power grid analysis/valuation
  • Risk management in the energy industry

Graduates interested in a career in teaching and research can also opt to pursue doctoral studies.