Public Management B.Sc.

Field of work

With the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Public Management, graduates are able to fill senior management positions in various areas of public administration and other non-profit organizations. The spectrum ranges from operative functions (e.g. service provision processes, marketing and customer care) and financially oriented functions (budget and accounting, financing) to communication functions (information management, process management) and control functions (e.g. controlling, investment management, project management) and strategic functions.

What would we like to teach you?

The degree programme prepares students for senior management positions in public administration or in the administrations of other organisations that are not or not primarily profit-oriented (non-profit). The focus is on questions of budget and accounting, investment and financing, organisation and management, personnel management and leadership, information management, the national economy with special consideration of the interaction of state, economy and society as well as relevant areas of law.


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Prof. Friederike Edel


Friederike Edel