Information Management

Major in Information Management

The program

Today all operational processes are powered by information. What is the key to managing this information successfully? What information management methods are available today? What applications are available for generating, processing, rendering, transferring and saving this information? And how do these applications function in a business environment? These questions will be explored in greater detail as part of the Master’s degree program with the major in Information Management (IM).

Topics which can only be addressed briefly in the Bachelor degree program are now covered in greater detail as part of dedicated modules. Today’s hot topics such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, business intelligence, big data, e-applications, data protection and security are addressed along with questions related to IT strategy and cost-effectiveness. Students build on their knowledge of systems development and learn to handle complex models with confidence. In addition, the program focuses on the economic aspects of increased digitalization, such as price and income models for digital goods or the development of digital markets.

Another important aspect of the Master’s programme is gaining practical experience with the use of standard business software systems (e.g. SAP) and business process modelling (e.g. ERM/BPMN/UML). Students also have the option of choosing elective courses in more technical areas, such as computer programming or IT-based empirical data analysis

Career opportunities

The goal of the major in Information Management is not to teach computer science but to give students the knowledge and skills they need to understand and manage interfaces through practical, hands-on assignments and projects. In order to successfully design, develop and operate the kinds of applications systems used today, the ability to understand and manage interfaces is in great demand in all areas of business/organizational operations. Demand for these skills will continue to grow as the world becomes increasingly digitized and interconnected. As a result, graduates with a concentration in Information Management will find employment opportunities in a number of different areas, including classical IT, consulting or in software companies with a business focus (such as SAP AG or Software AG).

The Master’s degree with a major in Information Management qualifies graduates to take on complex technical and management-related responsibilities in both the private and public sector (upper-level civil service). Graduates of the program are also qualified to pursue doctoral studies in the area of business information systems, particularly in the area of conceptual/strategic development


Prof. Dr. Benjamin Engelstätter


Prof. Dr. Matthias Knoll


Prof. Dr. Omid Tafreschi


Prof. Dr. Matthias Vieth