Major in Logistics

The program

As a major transportation hub for people and goods within Europe, the Rhein-Main region is experiencing disproportionate growth in the area of logistics. This means that demand is high for qualified specialists with the knowledge and skills to successfully manage the ever-increasing complexity and ever-increasing demands of logistics customers. The major in Logistics will provide you with an understanding of the processes involved in the flow of materials/information between suppliers and customers, as well as the knowledge and skills you need to plan, design and manage these processes. The program provides broad-based training in logistics and is not specific to any one industry or industry sector.

Career opportunities

The logistics industry offers good career opportunities on the regional, national and international level. Successful completion of the M.Sc. degree with major in Logistics qualifies you to take on high-level responsibility in industry, commerce, the services sector and consulting.


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Prof. Dr. Johanna Bucerius


Prof. Dr. Rico Wojanowski