Meldung - Einzelansicht

Besuch von Herrn Shalva Akhrakhadze, Prof. an der Uni Tiflis am Fachbereich Wirtschaft Shalva Akhrakhadze, Vierter von links Foto: Christopher Almeling

Besuch von Shalva Akhrakhadze aus Georgien

Im Rahmen des Erasmus+-Programms besuchte im Herbst 2023 Herr Shalva Akhrakhadze, Strategic Consultant und Associate Professor am Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) in Tiflis, Georgien, die Darmstadt Business School. Shalva hielt Vorlesungen zur Konzernrechnungslegung und zur Unternehmensbewertung und fasste seine Eindrücke wie folgt zusammen:

„I participated in the exchange program with the initial intention of broadening my horizons, gaining diverse perspectives, and enhancing my academic knowledge. I believe that h_da was the best choice for fulfilling these goals.

The host professor, Dr. Christopher Almeling exceeded my expectations. His expertise and knowledge greatly enriched my learning experience. The students I interacted with were incredibly interesting. The diverse backgrounds and cultures represented in the student body fostered engaging discussions and meaningful friendships. This cultural exchange was a highlight of my journey.

In conclusion, the exchange program at h_da was a resounding success. It not only fulfilled my academic goals but also provided me with a deeper understanding of global cultures. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and the invaluable experiences it offered.”